UPA is about creating the value of YOU!

Our Mission is.
“Helping YOU realize your potential in the packaging community through strategic connections and shared learning events that deliver value to a continuously evolving industry.”

Collaborating, Contributing, Learning and Thriving Together.

Come join us and build your network!

Packaging is Complex,
Evolving and Diverse

Whether enclosing or protecting products for distribution, transportation, storage, sale and use; labeling, informing and marketing; or preserving safety of goods to destination while being mindful of the environment through recycling or wise use of materials, it is an industry with so many facets and moving parts.

Packaging is an unsung hero – it sustains our civilization, by enabling the safe delivery of virtually every item we consume, touch, live in and wear.

How you engage is up to YOU!

UPA offers many choices for you to participate, connect and collaborate



Attend meetings and tours:
Connect, learn and engage with packaging colleagues and peers



Join a team on a project:
Roll up your sleeves with us. Contribute your unique skills and leadership



Mentor or be mentored:
Share your expertise, lend a hand, teach and learn, let’s raise the bar together



Host or sponsor an event:
Invite UPA members to visit your company, sharing what you do best


We are a roll-up your sleeves board, ordinary people dedicated to welcoming and working with members to create an extraordinary future in packaging. We’re all about learning together, building relationships and having fun in the process.

We invite you to join our Circle of Leadership by becoming UPA members.