Why UPA?

“Evolve or Perish: Are we ready to meet the challenge and seize the opportunities of exponential growth and unlimited possibilities in packaging?”

It was the theme that represented our call to action at a highly attended one-day packaging event in June 2016. It also became the igniter that drove the urgency to create UPA.

Just as UPA is not your typical industry association, how we connect, collaborate, network and engage also taps into the wisdom, experience and commitment of all its members.

The world of packaging is not standing still; it is rapidly evolving. Revolutionized by the internet of things, by the quest for sustainability, by the expectations of customers and consumers, and by changing processes and materials, the speed of change in packaging cannot be understated.

Our Call to Action

To stay ahead of these demanding and exciting changes in packaging, it is more imperative than ever that we, as industry professionals, seize every opportunity to take personal initiative and to collaborate with each other.


about new processes, technologies and equipment, about solution-oriented approaches and about latest trends on emerging issues and opportunities.


our day-to-day work while addressing the emergent future of packaging with an eye on the most important issues and priorities of our industry.


with others, individuals at different stages in their career, with varied experience and expertise, at different stages in their career, who share a passion for packaging.