Have fun

Don’t hold back. If you love packaging as much as we do, show it, say it and share it.

Be relaxed

We have too many meetings in our lives that are dry, dull and monotonous. This is not one of them.

Be welcoming

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is in the DNA of UPA meetings. Let other people know they are welcome too.

Respect our Mission

Remember also that we are here to network, to meet people and to build relationships, not to make a sales pitch to each other. UPA, above all, strives to provide members and guests an environment that feels safe, open and supportive of our mutual interests and collaborative work in packaging.

Respect the efforts of our volunteers

Without the efforts of us our volunteers, our organization would not survive. Although we frequently think our volunteers are superhuman, the truth is that they too are mere mortals. Sometimes they make mistakes too. When that happens, please cheerfully forgive them, and also know that we’d be thrilled if you joined our volunteer crew!

We value your thoughts!

If you see something that you think could be done better, speak up! UPA is an association for its members, managed by its members. As a member, help us make us better. Your ideas and opinions are important to us.

Follow our rules and regulations

We have certain legal guidelines and policies that me must follow. As members, please learn about our guidelines and policies on our website and help us make sure we follow them.

Contact Us

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